Endodontics (Canal Treatment)

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Endodontics (Canal Treatment)

Root canal treatment is a simple operation to relieve toothache. When there is infection or inflammation in the tooth roots of the patients, healing is achieved with root canal treatment. During treatment, dentists carefully remove the pulp inside the tooth, disinfect, clean and shape the root canal correctly and close the gap by placing the filling. Then the tooth is restored. Root canal treatment is almost painless and you will feel less pain during healing than when your natural tooth is pulled. Modern techniques and adequate anesthesia also help patients feel less pain.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

In root canal treatment, in addition to anesthesia, setup and preparation, the entire nerve of the tooth must be excavated, rinsed, disinfected and sealed. In most cases, simple root canal treatment requires a single appointment that takes between 30 minutes and a little over an hour. However, if the dentist recommends a permanent filling or veneer for the tooth, it will require more than 1.5 hours in severe cases. A second appointment may even be required. The time required for root canal treatment is determined by several factors, such as the number of canals that need to be cleaned and the type of tooth that needs treatment.

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What are the Advantages of Root Canal Treatment?

One of the biggest advantages of root canal treatment is the elimination of pain and infection in the mouth. Root canal treatment relieves the pressure of tooth pulp inflammation and one or two days after the treatment, patients can return to their normal lives without toothache. However, some patients are afraid of root canal treatment because of the fear of being painful. Most patients do not feel pain during the procedure. With endodontic treatment, patients can maintain their natural smile and continue to eat. In some cases, patients may want to prefer tooth extraction to root canal treatment. Because tooth extraction can be more affordable. In reality, however, tooth extraction requires more follow-up appointments than root canal treatment, and patients will need to have dentures, bridges or implants in their later years. It increases the cost as well as the time commitment for treatment. Also, many dental insurance plans cover root canal treatments. Therefore, affordability and ease of treatment are the advantages of having root canal treatment instead of tooth extraction.
Aesthetics is another important consideration for root canal patients. Infected teeth can turn yellow, brown, or even black as a result of dental pulp bacterial buildup. This color change does not respond to teeth whitening. However, by covering the teeth, patients can close the discoloration and regain their natural smile. The result of root canal treatment is a crown that not only looks like a natural tooth, but also functions like a natural tooth. Finally, your dentist treats the infection in the tooth with root canal treatment, preventing the infection from spreading to the jawbone. A number of major health problems in the body are due to dental issues, so patients should not delay getting root canal treatment for infected teeth. One of the biggest benefits of this process is that it solves the infection problem quickly. Patients typically recover completely from treatment within 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

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Can root canal treatment be performed on every tooth?
No, root canal treatment cannot be performed on every decayed tooth. Certain criteria must be met regarding this situation. The necessity of root canal treatment is decided by the dentists who examine the decayed tooth in the oral examination or x-ray.
Is the tooth treated with root canal treatment dead?

Actually, yes, we can say that. Because the pulp tissue that provides the vitality of the tooth is removed.

How is the recovery process after root canal treatment, how long does it take?

It varies between 2 and 3 weeks on average. The pain that occurs when pressing on the tooth will decrease during this period and will disappear completely after a while.

How to care for teeth undergoing root canal treatment?
You can prevent the bacteria that will form on the surface and the formation of caries on the minimum surface by using regular brushing and flossing,
How long is the life of a tooth undergoing root canal treatment?
There is no exact time. A healthy tooth with root canal treatment can stay in the mouth of a patient with proper oral care for a lifetime.
Is discoloration be seen in a tooth undergoing root canal treatment?
Yes, it can be seen. This is due to the content of the canal filling used. It is a common condition.