Porcelain Laminates (Laminate Veneer)

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How is Laminate Veneer Treatment Applied?

Oral, jaw and dental checks are performed by a specialist dentist with a preliminary examination and x-ray. The treatment processes are explained in detail to the patients who are followed up. The patient does not feel any surgical procedure during the treatment that will take place in the anesthesia environment. Immediately after the application of anesthesia, the dentist makes a 0.1 to 0.3 mm thick cut on the tooth surface. Special measuring materials are prepared for measuring. The measurement taken is sent to the laboratory for the preparation of laminates in a special laboratory environment. The measurement is introduced into the computer-aided CAD-CAM system. During this period, computer-assisted aesthetic dental treatment will begin. Personalized laminates prepared with special technological devices are sent to the clinic for rehearsal together with polishing processes. Although it takes 2-3 days for these procedures, the patient is given an appointment for the first rehearsal. The prepared laminates are rehearsed on the patient’s teeth. If there are any deficiencies, they are corrected. Corrected deficiencies are shown to the patient so that the color scale can be determined. Immediately after the color scale is determined, the laminates are taken from the patient and sent back to the laboratory environment. It is tried in the mouth of the patient so that the prepared laminates can be rehearsed. In the finishing phase, a chemical drug is applied to ensure adhesion between the tooth surface and the laminated porcelain, and the treatment is finished by sticking it to the patient permanently. It is recommended to apply the laminated tooth veneer treatment to the anterior teeth. It is not applied to the posterior teeth. There are laminated coating types that require special workmanship compared to other treatment methods. These ;

Leaf Porcelain Veneer

Composite Laminated Veneer

Leaf Porcelain Veneer

Leaf porcelain veneer treatment, which is very common and popular among these applications, is the most aesthetic type of veneer among laminated varieties.
This method, known as leaf tooth, is produced in thin layers of 0.2 – 0.6 mm thick by technicians who can use computer aided design. Leaf porcelains adhered to the front surface of the teeth are perfect for removing the aesthetic defects existing in the original teeth. If the person pays attention to their oral and dental health, the service life of the porcelain leaf can be ten or twenty years. It transmits light exceptionally well. It provides a natural appearance to the patient. Thanks to its glossy surface, it never stains.

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Composite Laminated Veneer

Another aesthetic application, composite laminate veneer, is one of the aesthetic dental treatment methods applied to correct the color, position or deformities of the main tooth.
Composite laminated veneer, also known as bonding in dentistry, is a less costly but effective treatment method in the treatment of damage and deformations on the tooth surface compared to leaf tooth treatment in the treatment of aesthetic smile design. The difference between composite laminate veneer and leaf porcelain veneer;

Less tooth enamel is filed away in composite laminate veneers.

It can usually be treated with a single session.

It is much more economical than leaf porcelain veneer.

If it is damaged, it is easier to repair.

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What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneer Treatment?

They do not change color due to tea, coffee or cigarettes.

It has a natural appearance indistinguishable from normal teeth.

Patients' tongues do not normally perceive overlays because they are facing forward. Therefore, it is very easy to adapt to them.

They are very resistant to abrasion. They protect the teeth and prevent the development of caries.

How long does laminate veneer treatment take?

Porcelain laminates have a unique ability to allow light to pass through, making the teeth on which they are applied look completely real. The light transmittance of laminates also varies according to the porcelain used and the processing technique. It has a very short treatment period of 5-7 days.

In Which Situations Is Porcelain Dental Laminate Performed?

Laminated tooth veneer treatment, performed by a specialist in the field, is an aesthetic smile design treatment method initiated by thinning the main teeth in the mouth. Compared to other treatments, this veneer treatment, which is performed without the need for any treatment on natural teeth, is among the most popular applications in aesthetic dentistry.
Laminate veneer application is obtained by thinning the tooth surface and gluing the tooth containing porcelain substructure.


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