Cyst surgeries

Get rid of pain and swelling with dental cyst surgery.

Dental Cyst Surgeries

There are two ways to treat a dental cyst:

Surgery – for the removal of all types of cysts or tumours.

Endodontic Therapy – This is done in conjunction with surgical removal if the cyst is associated with an infected root canal.

How Tooth Cyst Surgery Is Performed?

The cyst is removed by our in-house oral surgeon through a window in the bone under a local anaesthetic. You may also choose to be sedated for the entire procedure to ensure an anxiety free experience. If there is a tooth embedded within the cyst, it might also be removed. Bone grafting material may also be placed to fill the void left behind after the cyst is removed. Stitches will be placed in the gums afterward. These will be removed after a few days.

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Surgical Removal of Dental Cyst

Step 1: Detection
Dental cysts are normally picked up during a routine examination,which includes dental x-rays. Your dentist may order a 3D CBCT scan that will provide more information about the cyst and its relationship with surrounding teeth and other structures (nerves, sinuses) within the bone.
Step 2: Pre-surgical preparation
A few days before, a thorough scaling and polishing is done. An oral probiotic is also given to boost the numbers of beneficial bacteria in the saliva so that healing is smooth. If you require root canal treatment, this will be completed prior to the surgery.

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