Extraction of a wisdom tooth

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How Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Performed?

Wisdom tooth extraction is actually a very quick and easy process. First, local anesthesia is given to numb your mouth so that you do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. If your tooth is impacted or several teeth will be extracted, you may also receive general anesthesia to allow you to sleep during the procedure. After the anesthesia is applied, the tooth is extracted. You can then insert the gauze into the empty slot and bite it to stop the bleeding, or in some cases use stitches to close the gap.

Things to Consider After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Ice may be applied to the area intermittently for at least 24 hours to minimize any problems such as swelling, bruising or pain. If the area where the tooth was extracted is infected, a warm compress or moist cloth is applied. Bleeding after tooth extraction is quite normal. A gauze pad can be applied to the area to prevent bleeding. The blood clot that will form after the surgery is very important and in order not to dislodge this clot, it is necessary not to shake the mouth vigorously and not to eat or drink anything for at least 2 hours. After the bleeding stops, warm or cold drinks may be consumed in order not to dehydrate the body. It is very important to use anti-infectives and pain relievers prescribed by the dentist after the surgery.

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Methods to be Applied for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In cases where the wisdom tooth remains in the gum and the tooth roots are embedded in the jawbone, it is not possible to remove the tooth in one piece.In these cases, the tooth must be extracted.  In such cases;

The area around the tooth to be extracted is numbed with local anesthesia.

The gingiva is opened and the impacted tooth is extracted by splitting into several parts.

After tooth extraction, the area is cleaned.

After the area is cleaned, the gingiva is sutured with self-melting materials.

The process of the surgery varies depending on the structure of the tooth.

It is normal to have bleeding after surgery.

In order for coagulation to occur in the operation area, food should not be eaten and water should not be drunk for the period recommended by the doctor.

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