All on four Implant

We focus on the best treatment with implants to address the problems that arise when you lose your teeth.

What is All On Four Implant?

All-on-Four is the latest system based on dental implants that combines the excellent stability and success rate of dental implants with the comfort and realistic aesthetics of dental bridges. Unlike traditional bridges supported by adjacent natural teeth, All-on-Four implant supported fully fixed bridges are directly supported by only 4 implants placed in predetermined positions in the jaw. As a result, they have superior strength, durability and aesthetics.

What are the Features of Implant Treatment?

Implants are titanium screws used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. A dental dentures is placed on these screws. The most important feature of the All-on-Four technique was that 6 or 8 implants were needed to make fixed dentures in edentulous mouths. Now, with this technique, we can make fixed dentures on 4 implants. Here, the place and position of the implant is important.

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To Whom Can All On Four Implant Technique Be Applied?

All on 4 dental implant technique can be applied to mouths that currently wear dentures or are completely edentulous. Age does not matter, but dental implant candidates must be healthy. Not smoking is an advantage for us.

How Long Does All on Four Implant Treatment Take?

All-on-4 implant procedure takes 2 to 4 months to complete. It may take longer for those who need additional dentistry that can add another month or two to the overall process. Those who want to know exactly how long the process will take should make an appointment for more detailed information.

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