Inlay And Onlay (Ceramic Fillings)

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What is Inlay and Onlay Filling?

Inlay and onlay ceramic fillings are made of gold or composite resin. These parts are attached to the damaged area of the tooth. A filling is used at the tubercle ends of the tooth. An onlay and an inlay are similar, but an onlay is a more important reconstruction that extends over one or more of the cusps of the tooth. In general, gold material is preferred for inlay and onlay. But in recent years, white has become increasingly popular because of its strength and color that can potentially match the natural color of your teeth.

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What are the Advantages of Inlay – Onlay (Porcelain Filling) Applications?

It is a restoration system that can maintain its durability both aesthetically and for many years.

Porcelain filling chewing surface and interface surfaces are perfectly polished, preventing bacteria retention and staining.

It eliminates the necessity of wearing natural teeth and making bridges.

Since the porcelain filling is prepared in a laboratory environment, they closely imitate the missing contours of the tooth and the contact points with the adjacent teeth, in this respect, there is no accumulation of food residues between the teeth and the problems caused by this.

Since the chewing surfaces of porcelain fillings are prepared to imitate the anatomical chewing line of the tooth, they are far superior to composite fillings in terms of chewing and grinding functions.

Since they establish a one-to-one and stress-free relationship with the tooth, porcelain fillings prevent cracking and breakage that may occur in weak parts of the tooth.

It is the ideal solution for composite filling and amalgam filling fractures.

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Is Aesthetic Filling Durable?
Depending on the location and size of the aesthetic filling on the tooth, it varies according to the factors related to the care of the patient, the colored food and beverages consumed. The period of use varies between 5 and 7 years.
In Which Situations Can Porcelain Laminate Be Applied?
Porcelain laminate can be applied to any patient who does not have excessive crowding and protrusion, whose color has not turned black due to root canal treatment or a previous injury, and who does not have a malocclusion.
What are the Advantages of Porcelain Crown Application?
The application of porcelain crowns, which provides maximum durability on teeth that have a slightly lower load-bearing capacity (especially in molars and posterior chewing teeth) compared to other teeth, ensures that these teeth can carry loads for a longer period of time.