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What is Gum Aesthetics?

Gum aesthetics is basically creating a gingival image that is compatible with the tooth. It is the way to achieve a healthy mouth and jaw structure, as well as a healthy gum that is compatible with their teeth. Gum aesthetics can repair the gingival deficiency through tissue shaping or lengthen the tooth with crown lengthening. These two procedures are recommended for patients to improve the appearance of their smiles with minimally invasive techniques.

Tissue shaping is performed using a minimally invasive microsurgical technique.

Crown lengthening exposes teeth more in patients with gingival smile. It reshapes the gum and bone tissue and balances the gum tissue and teeth.

Although both of these procedures are aimed at correcting aesthetic problems, they also prevent the emergence of other dental problems in the future.

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Who Can Undergo Gum Aesthetics?

Curvatures in the tooth alignment, large gaps between your teeth or dark teeth can negatively affect your smile. In addition to these; Veneers, darkened fillings and gingival problems that previously occurred in terms of incompatibility and color can negatively affect your oral and dental health as well as your aesthetic appearance. For all these reasons, dental aesthetic applications are important in terms of making a positive contribution to the general and mental health of the person. Anyone who is disturbed by the appearance of their teeth can achieve the desired appearance with the most appropriate treatment after being examined by a specialist.

Gum Aesthetics Applications

Free gingival graft
In cases with aggressive gingival recession, placing the extracted area, especially a piece taken from the palate, into the missing area.
Crown Lengthening for Aesthetic Gums
Some of our patients come with the complaint that the gums are too visible on the laughing line when they laugh. In this case, we extend the length of the teeth by making the crown lengthening process on the front teeth and make the gums less visible. This procedure is surgical and is done by cutting the gums under anesthesia. The cutting process is done with laser or normal hand tools. During this process, our dentists shape the gums and underlying bone to reveal more of your natural teeth for aesthetic improvement. In addition, crown lengthening may be a solution for patients whose teeth are worn too close to the gumline.

What are the Advantages of Dental Aesthetics?

Many patients are dissatisfied with their smiles because their gums are too prominent or not visible enough. Thanks to aesthetic gingival treatments, physicians can provide a more pleasant appearance by shaping the gingival tissue and the bone underneath. The advantages of dental aesthetic treatment are:

Improves the health of your gums. Often times, gum recession indicates a more serious problem, such as periodontal disease. Dental aesthetic treatment is a good way to discover and treat these problems.

Improves the appearance of teeth that appear too long. Gum recession can cause teeth to appear too long. Dental aesthetic treatment provides a more proportional appearance.

If you're afraid that your smile is revealing too much of your gums but not showing your teeth enough, corrective surgery can restore balance.

It reduces the risk of root rot. Problems that cause gum recession can eventually have an abrasive effect on the entire mouth, including the roots of your teeth. Developing dental aesthetics can minimize this risk.

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